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Vertical Banner

Vertical Banners™ are the innovative stadium branding system designed by EVENT360 that allow giant digitally printed banners to be paraded in-front of sports fans in a unique, innovative and hugely impactful way.
Developed originally in 2003 to bring sports entertainment closer to the fans than ever previously possible, Vertical Banners™ are adored by not only sports fans but also by sponsors, broadcasters and stadium operations and ground staff alike! Each Vertical Banner™ system is operated by two fully trained ground crew who control the height and orientation of each Vertical Banner™ creating professional, choreographed parades that build the atmosphere within the stadium to fever pitch.
Used successfully at major sporting events across the globe, Vertical Banners™ have appeared at football, rugby, motorsport, Australian Rules Football, American Football and equestrian events everywhere from the Millennium Stadium to Melbourne.
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